Archaeology Warwickshire Talks

Archaeology Warwickshire Talks

With lots of recent housing development in the area our Archaeology Warwickshire team have been very busy. This July the team are giving four talks on the various sites they have been working on and will be sharing their discoveries and finds. Tickets are limited so please book in advance on 01926 412500 or online at

Market Hall Cafe will be open for refreshments.


Fiendishly Friendly Clay: Finding a Roman Farmstead

Market Hall Museum – Wednesday 18th July 7pm – 9pm

With Archaeology Warwickshire’s Pete Thompson and Jodie Duffy.
How easy was it for archaeologists, particularly those with a fresh perspective and new to the field, to find out more about farmers who lived in Southam nearly 2000 years ago.  How did archaeologists recover facts and finds from the local clay? £7.50


A View From A Hill

Market Hall Museum – Monday 23rd July 7pm – 9pm

Archaeology Warwickshire’s Bryn Gethin presents a talk on using aerial LiDAR imagery to find new archaeological sites and better understand old ones. Hear how LiDar gives archaeologists a view of earthworks in the landscape, helping them uncover hillforts, barrows, castles and deserted medieval villages. £7.50


A Transition in Rural Settlement Life along the Fosse Way

Market Hall Museum – Thursday 26th July 7pm – 9pm

Excavations carried out in Shipston on Stour along the Fosse Way have shed light on the change in agricultural and settlement activity with the advent of Roman rule in Iron Age Britain. Archaeology Warwickshire’s Ed Pearson and Bekky Hillman talk about the new evidence for this time of change. £7.50


Warwick’s Roman Past – SOLD OUT!

Market Hall Museum – Tuesday 31st July 7pm – 9pm

Archaeology Warwickshire’s Caroline Rann and Eri Kleisoura talk about how the recent Roman villa discovery has changed what we know about Warwick. The discovery of a large stone building south of the River Avon in Warwick suggests a villa complex and changes what we thought we knew about the origins of the town. The excavations were well documented and the archaeologists will share a glimpse of their work.  Interpretation of the evidence gathered is ongoing and we hope it will reveal more about the people living in Warwick nearly 2000 years ago. £7.50