• Archaeology Warwickshire

    We are a commercial archaeological and heritage team offering a competitive, high-quality service across the Midlands. We are pragmatic and client-centric and we work on behalf of our private and public clients to achieve their required outcomes. As the primary contributor to the Warwickshire Historic Environment Record, the results of our work form the core of what is known about Warwickshire’s ancient past.
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  • Archaeology in museums

    Archaeology is the study of the human past through material remains. This includes objects made by people in the past – such as tools, weapons, jewellery and pottery – and traces in the landscape of settlements, burial grounds, ritual and military sites.
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  • Historic Environment Record

    The Historic Environment Record (HER) is a record of all the historic and archaeological sites and finds within the county. Accessed through a computer and map based system, the record incorporates a wide range of sources, including aerial photographs, published and unpublished material, and historic and modern maps.
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