Historic Environment Record

The Historic Environment Record (HER) is a record of all the historic and archaeological sites and finds within the county. Accessed through a computer and map based system, the record incorporates a wide range of sources, including aerial photographs, published and unpublished material, and historic and modern maps.

The HER has a number of functions:

  • To maintain and enhance the record of historic and archaeological sites
  • To operate a public information service
  • To provide information to planning archaeologists and consultants, government bodies such as English Heritage, forestry and agricultural bodies, the public utilities, local research groups, landowners and developers.
  • To actively promote local archaeology to the community through lectures, open days, organised events and talks.

Timetrail – HER online

An online version of the HER is available for members of the public and non-commercial research. This is a searchable database of archaeological sites and monuments in Warwickshire. [Read more]


The Historic Environment Record contains a wide range of resources, including aerial photographs, historic maps, and journals. [Read more]

Contact and enquiries

Find out how to get access to the Historic Environment Record, including contact details of the team. [Read more]


Details of the various projects that the Historic Environment Record has been involved in. [Read more]


Information on the various publications developed to support the Historic Environment Record. [Read more]