Archaeology Warwickshire – Archaeological Assessment

Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment

A desk-based archaeological assessment may be required when submitting a planning application, as part of an Environmental Statement, or as the first stage of archaeological work under a planning condition.  It needs to consider the previous archaeological work in the area, historic maps and documentary evidence, and also recent data such as geotechnical surveys.

We would be happy to talk to you about your assessment needs.


Impact Assessment

An assessment of the impact of your development or scheme on the potential archaeological resource is also a key component of our work.  Our conservation specialist can extend this to include impacts on designations such as listed buildings, conservation areas etc.



We are happy to provide advice on dealing with the archaeological implications of your scheme.  Our desk-based assessments will include our expert opinion, based on our findings, as to whether further archaeological work is necessary. Where the local authority does not have their own archaeological adviser and has asked you to provide detailed information to enable them to deal with any heritage issues, we will ensure that any recommendations we make are reasonable and proportionate as required by NPPF.  Our planning specialist will guide you through the process.