Archaeology Warwickshire – Core Archaeologists

Stuart Palmer MCIfA- Archaeology Business Manager

Stuart began his career as an archaeologist in Warwickshire in 1982; an impressive 34 year investment in researching his home county. He completed post-graduate study at Oxford University in 1997 and has subsequently managed an extensive range of projects including major infrastructure and extraction programmes. He now leads the team and is responsible for ensuring Archaeology Warwickshire delivers a first-class service.

Stuart is Archaeology Warwickshire’s Chartered Institute for Archaeologists Responsible Postholder ensuring full compliance with the Institute’s rigorous code of conduct and standards and is currently serving on the Registered Organisation Committee.  Stuart has also been elected to the board of the Federation of Archaeological Managers and Employers.

Having worked on the lion’s share of prehistoric and Roman excavations in the county, mostly as site director, his academic interests are naturally focused on the ancient past, particularly Warwickshire’s prehistoric landscape. Stuart is widely consulted by researchers on matters relating to prehistoric Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

Stuart has published widely including major publications on a Neolithic pit group, Late Bronze Age cremation pyre, Iron Age site and Roman villa at Salford Priors (1999); a Neolithic complex and Iron Age enclosure at King’s Newnham (2007); Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman and Anglo-Saxon sites on Transco pipelines (2010 and 2012) as well as the excavation of medieval buildings at Kenilworth Abbey (2003). He has also managed the completion and publication of a number of 1970s excavations, provided the Warwickshire prehistory section to the West Midlands Regional Research Framework for Archaeology (2008 and forthcoming), and the prehistoric and Romano-British sections to the English Heritage sponsored Archaeological Resource Assessment of the Aggregates Producing Areas of Warwickshire (published 2007).  Stuart is currently managing the long awaited report on the 1980s excavations at Burton Dassett on behalf of Historic England.

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Cathy Coutts – Senior Archaeologist (Buildings)

Cathy started in archaeology working on sites on Hadrian’s Wall and in Northumberland while at school, before gaining her degree in Prehistory and Archaeology at the University of Sheffield in 1983. This was followed by a stint as a research assistant before a PhD on trade and exchange in Anglo-Saxon Europe. Various posts in England and Europe in the 1980s and 1990s included an archaeological research project in the Hebrides and a large-scale landscape archaeology project in the Peak District, looking at 5000 years of a Peakland valley. In the following five years she managed the British School at Rome’s archaeology unit, carrying out excavations and surveys in Rome, Tuscany, Elba and central Italy. After a short spell working for English Heritage in Derbyshire and for Sheffield City Council carrying out work on historic woodlands, she joined us in 1997.

Cathy now specialises in historic building recording, with a particular interest in church archaeology, farm archaeology and industrial archaeology. She has co-ordinated our programme for work experience students and volunteers since 1999. She is a member of The Historic Farm Buildings Group.

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Pete Thompson – Senior Archaeologist (Excavation)

Pete gained a Degree in Archaeology and Classical Studies from the University of Wales in 1981 and obtained a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Nottingham in 1983. He worked as a teacher for a time until returning to archaeology at the Museum of London Archaeology Service, with particular interests in Roman Southwark. After joining us in 2000 Pete has managed a variety of projects with particular emphasis on Roman and medieval settlement.

As a qualified teacher, Pete provides expert tuition, lecturing and public facing outreach for the team and is the first point of contact for school and community projects.

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Bryn Gethin – Project Officer

Bryn took Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Wales and began his career at Stafford Castle in 1990. He joined us in 1993 and has since excavated sites ranging from the Neolithic period up to the Cold War. Bryn’s particular interests are Roman and medieval archaeology as well as building recording and finds identification.

Bryn leads on field survey and metal detecting which, combined with his lifetime passion for military sites of all periods, has led to several archaeological metal detector surveys on battlefields in Britain and in Europe.

Bryn is a longtime committee member of the Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Society and currently edits the newsletter.

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Caroline Rann MCIfA- Project Officer

Caroline’s early career in marketing was derailed by a life-changing spell volunteering with the Warwickshire Museum and the Historic Environment Record in 1999.  Since gaining her BA in archaeology at the University of Leicester and Universitat de Valencia in 2005, Caroline spent several years honing her field skills at ULAS and Archaeology Warwickshire. Caroline then spent nearly three years assisting Warwickshire’s Planning Archaeologist and has now returned to us as a Project Officer with a brief to utilise her experience to help our clients negotiate the planning minefield.

Caroline joined the committee of the Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Society recently and is now planning a series of excursions for the society.

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Lis CharlesA- Project Officer

Lis has worked in archaeology since 2006 after graduating in Ancient History and Archaeology at the University of Liverpool. Lis has a strong background in the use of technology in archaeology including GIS, GPS and EDM survey from her previous work with the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust and Birmingham Archaeology. Her considerable fieldwork experience has taken her the length and breadth of the British Isles, allowing her to gain experience on a wide range of development led projects, research driven excavations and community archaeology initiatives such as Dig Shakespeare. Following the closure of the Birmingham field unit Lis worked on a self-employed basis before joining our team to run field investigations and research projects.

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Candy Stevens – Illustrator

Candy has over 27 years experience of archaeological illustration and has expertise in a wide range of artefact conventions, from in-situ statues to intricate flint tools and elaborate leatherwork, as well as all types of pottery and metalwork. Her illustrations have been published in a wide range of books and archaeological journals as well as our client reports. Candy creates the technical drawings for all our reports. Candy’s high standard of work has gained a national reputation and her services are sought by a variety of specialists.

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Rob Jones – Senior Site Technician

Rob has worked for Archaeology Warwickshire for 23 years and is a hugely experienced excavator. He gained experience on research digs in the West Midlands before coming to work with us. His areas of expertise include post-medieval pottery identification, the careful excavation of human remains and environmental sample processing.

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Kevin Wright – Senior Site Technician

Kevin is our survey specialist with over 24 years of archaeological experience, 22 of those with Archaeology Warwickshire. He has worked on every kind of terrestrial site, from research projects such as Dudley Castle to large engineering schemes such as Transco pipelines and new road projects. Kevin has expertise in REDM elevation recording of buildings including the world famous castles of Warwick and Kenilworth. He has produced surveys of many of our open-area excavations in gravel quarries and housing developments.

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