Black History Month at Heritage and Culture Warwickshire

To celebrate Black History month, Heritage and Culture Warwickshire (HCW) invite you to find out more about little known black history stories this October.

On Wednesday 18th October, we’ll be holding a FREE half hour talk starting at 1 pm, discussing and celebrating Black and Asian residents of, and visitors to, Warwickshire over the centuries. We’ll be looking at what kinds of records there are for Black History in the Warwickshire County Record Office and, perhaps more importantly, what records there aren’t. We’ll be exploring what voices are represented in the archives relating to Black History and how we can approach those records with sensitivity and respect. This event is held at Warwickshire County Record Office. There is no need to book for this talk.

In the same week, on Monday 16th October, another event will be looking at the context and attitudes towards slave owning in Warwickshire. We’ll be telling the story of Bertie Greatheed (1759 – 1826), 18th century owner of Guy’s Cliffe and the Saxon Mill on the outskirts of Warwick. Although owning hereditary plantations in St Kitts, he supported the legislation to ban slavery. Two illustrated talks will touch on thoughts and attitudes towards black people and slaves at that time, while exploring Greatheed’s life on the Grand Tour of Europe and as a Warwickshire country gentleman.

“The first part of the talk will focus on Bertie’s journey through France, Switzerland and Italy in the 1780s: including some of the entertaining challenges and rewards of European travel at that time”, explains Anne Langley, one of two speakers at this event. Her talk will also touch on the death of his only son in Venice in 1804. He adopted his illegitimate grandchild and brought her up to be his heir. Bridget Winn takes up the story back in England where Bertie was managing his estate, devoted to his little grand-daughter, Ann Caroline, and travelling around England visiting friends and relatives.

The event starts at 2 pm at Warwickshire County Record Office.  Booking is advised and tickets cost £5.  Tickets can be bought in advance by calling 01926 738959 or online at

Bertie Greatheed (of Guy’s Cliffe) at home and abroad

Monday 16th October 2 pm to 4 pm, £5, Warwickshire County Record Office, Warwick

Black and Asian presence in the Warwickshire Archives

Wednesday 18th October 1 pm to 1.30 pm, FREE, Warwickshire County Record Office, Warwick