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Warwickshire Museum in your Home

You can’t come to our events so we’re bringing a taste them to you. Visit this page for weekly posts of activities you can do at home from our past events and activities at the museum. There will also be a weekly post from our Arty Tots team for activities suitable for the under 5s.

Discover Volcanoes – Learn about the different types of volcanoes and make one of your own.

The 5 Senses What can you hear, smell, taste, see and touch?

Fashion through the Ages – Find out about fashion in the past, make a friendship band, hat and have a go at Celtic face painting.

Flowers Play our I Spy game and see how many flowers you can see growing? Make a door hanging, freeze some flower petals and find out flower facts.

World Bee Day – Celebrate World Bee Day with our Bee Activities

Patterns – What patterns can you find in your home, make some of your own.

Games and Sports Find out about the history of sports and our local Warwickshire sporting traditions. Make finger footballers and find out about shin kicking!

What’s the weather like today? Make a weather chart, wind sock and take part in our 5 weather activities.

VE Day: Make do and Mend Junk Modelling

Discover the Victorians – Play parlour games, make a hand puppet and find out some vulgar Victorian insults!

Dinosaurs in your home – Are you taller than a dinosaur? Find out exciting facts about dinosaurs and make a dino skeleton

Sweets and Treats – Find out about sweets and treats from the past and discover recipes from an 18th century recipe book. Make a traditional lemonade, perfect for drinking on a sunny day.

What’s outside today? What can you see outside on your daily walk or in your garden.

Terrific Toys – Make an optical illusion or take your teddy bears on a picnic in the garden.

All About Eggs – Make an Easter wreath and discover different types of eggs.

Brilliant Birds – Have you been watching the birds in your back garden this week?

Discover the Anglo Saxons – Do you live in an Anglo Saxon settlement, try the Name Game and find out.

Jurassic Warwickshire – Can you imagine a warm tropical sea in Warwickshire?

Knights and Heraldry – Design your own coat of arms using the meaning of your name.


Arty Tots in your Home

Celebrations – One day soon we will all be able to celebrate being together again. Celebrations continue even if we are at home so get ready for VE day on Friday 8th May.

Easter – an egg themed collection of songs and activities.

Frogs – Ribbit, ribbit. songs, stories and craft to do at home.

Colour – Go on a colour hunt in the house and garden

Dinosaurs – We have some great ideas for you to take part in. Make a dinosaur hatchling, sing dino songs and make some playdough for dino footprints.




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