Healey project coming to an end

The cataloguing and conservation part of the Donald Healey Motor Company project at Warwickshire County Record Office is coming to an end, but other work relating to the Healey collection continues.

The catalogue for the collection is now online via our Warwickshire’s Past Unlocked website and final reference numbers are being written on the documents. The catalogue will get updated as more material is numbered and therefore available for use. Some of the catalogue entries will include a document as an attachment that can be downloaded to give full details for that entry. Examples of this will include files of press cuttings and articles where there is too much information to be included in a catalogue entry.

A leaflet on using the online catalogue, visiting the record office to look at the Healey material, and getting copies of items for research or publication is available from us (please get in touch to ask for a copy).

One of the aspects of the project that will carry on is interviewing people for an oral history to keep with the collection. This is a job that volunteers will continue to do and we are very grateful for the effort they’ve already put into interviewing people and transcribing the results.

Some statistics on the project may be of interest. There are 30 boxes of records including eight containing almost 600 photographs; plus 20 portfolios and rolls of drawings. There are about 700 catalogue entries for the collection describing over 1,000 items (some of which are files containing multiple documents). This also includes material donated since the project began in July 2016.

Inevitably there are some items (mostly photographs) which haven’t been catalogued yet because we can’t identify them – despite the best efforts of some of the Healey family and experts that volunteered to pass on their knowledge. We are hoping that over time these images can be described, so as part of this process we are going to publish some further blogs to show these photos to see if people can identify them.

To get started here is a car at an unknown location (probably the Healey’s Cape Works at Warwick). The photographer was DG Bird, 130 Cliffe Hall, Warwick. Click on the photo to enlarge.

Please get in touch if you have any more information about this image. See our contact details page.