Heritage Education – Compose it!

A musical workshop for Key Stages 1 & 2 lasting 2 hours delivered at Market Hall Museum, Warwick

Explore the museum and create a soundscape of Market Hall Museum. Pupils will use their imagination to bring handling collection objects to life. Pupils will use digital technology to record and play back their creations to the class. You will be able to take the top 12 back to school for follow up work.
This workshop links to the I.T and Music curriculum.
The workshop includes;
  • A tour of the Market Hall Museum encouraging pupils to think creatively about the objects on display.
  • The creation of sounds through digital recordings.
  • Recognition that music can be created with out musical instruments.
  • Working with Bare Conductive Touch Boards to play a digital soundscape of the museum.
Pupils will practice skills in;
  • Creating their own music with out musical instruments.
  • Using digital technology to create sounds that can be used in composition.
  • The use of voice and other methods to create music.
  • Thinking creatively.
  • Working collaboratively in small groups.

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