Heritage Education – Fossil Handling Workshop

A 2 hour hands-on workshop for Key Stage 2 delivered at Market Hall Museum.


Pupils will handle fossils formed in the tropical seas of Jurassic Warwickshire. They will learn about the rock cycle and how fossils are formed.

The session also includes the chance to discover the fossils on display, including cruxicheiros newmanorum – the Warwickshire dinosaur.

Workshop Includes

Handling real Jurassic fossils

Learning the names of fossils found in Warwickshire

Learning about the rock cycle and how fossils are formed

Guided activities in the museum galleries

Handling different rocks from around Warwickshire

Investigating the effect of habitat on evolution

Learning Objectives

Pupils will be able to:

Identify different fossils from Warwickshire

Discuss how fossils are formed

Identify sedimentary rocks and place them on a geological map

Explain why the Jurassic Ichthyosaur and the modern dolphin have evolved to be similar


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