Heritage Education – Living things, Animals and Us

Explore animal bones, habitats and learn about the food chain in this hands-on workshop.

Pupils will discover objects from the natural history collection and explore how natural and man-made factors affect the living things around us.

A two-hour science workshop for Key Stage 2 based at Market Hall Museum in Warwick. With an optional self-led tour in Priory Park that lasts one hour.


Workshop Includes:

The chance to handle animal bones and teeth

Understanding and identifying food chains

Categorising animals into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores

Investigating how changes in habitat can affect living things

Discovering natural history collections and why they were collected


Learning Objectives

Pupils will be able to:

Identify carnivores and herbivores by their diet and characteristics of their teeth

Identify where animals sit in the food chain and group them into predators, prey and producers

Explain how human activity can affect populations of local species and their habitats



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