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Delivering a diverse range of high-quality education workshops for early years, primary and secondary schools

Heritage Education offers an exciting range of workshops that support the National Curriculum at sites in Warwickshire or in your classroom.
All sessions are led by our qualified and experienced group leaders and visits to our sites are supported by a dedicated member of staff.

NEW SCIENCE, HISTORY, AND MUSIC workshops now available!

Visit Market Hall Museum and enjoy our new workshops:
• Compose It! (STEAM)
• Living Things, Animals and Us
• Fossils

Go back in time at St John’s House and experience:
• Life as a Victorian (7 sessions to choose from)
• Archaeology Mini Dig

Visit Priory House and discover:
• Anglo Saxons
• Romans
• World War I
• World War II
• Shakespeare’s Warwickshire
• History of Medicine
• Crime and Punishment
• Local History

Visit Warwick Old Courts:
• Puts your Pupils in Dock

Explore Cross Hands Quarry:
• Rocks and Fossils

Let us visit you and enjoy:
• Top Secret Turbine Challenge (STEM)
• Toys and Games
• Stone Age to Iron Age
• Egyptians

Hire a Museum Loans Box:
• Hold history in your hands, borrow a loans box

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