Heritage Education – Digital Composition Workshop

Key Stage:  1 & 2
Delivered at: Market Hall Museum, Warwick
Duration: 2 hours
Main focus: Music, IT, English
Workshop outline
Explore the museum and create a soundscape of Market Hall Museum using Bare Conductive Touch Boards. These boards are easy to use, hands-on, mini arduinos that allow you to turn any surface into a sensor. This workshop uses them to playback sounds created by your class in response to the museum and a collection of handling objects from the museum. Pupils will work with digital equipment they won’t have experienced before in a creative way responding to a unique museum environment.
Working in small groups pupils will be introduced to the kit and guiding in making their own sound responses to an object. A tour of the Market Hall Museum will explain what a soundscape is and give inspiration. You will be able to take the top sound recordings back to school with you on your own USB storage device.

Key skills covered

  • Creating music with out musical instruments.
  • Using digital technology to create sounds
  • The use of voice and other methods to create music
  • Thinking creatively
  • Working collaboratively in small groups

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