Heritage Education – Loans Boxes

Hold history in your hands and borrow a museum loans box designed to supplement and support your classroom learning.

Bring a history topic to life or find inspiration for art and design projects. Taken from our museum handling collection, the loans boxes cover a wide variety of topics and are cross-curricular. Borrow a box or let come to you and deliver a session using the objects, which will help get your topic started. Also included in each box are full teacher notes, suggested activities and supporting resources.

If you have a specific need not covered by the topics below, give us a call and we may be able to help.

Examples of Jurassic Fossils, in particular looking at fossils commonly found around Warwickshire. This box will allow to you explore our Jurassic past and discover what kind of creatures lived in Warwickshire 200 Million years ago!

Geology all around us
Did you know that many of our household objects are made up from minerals and rocks from the earth? This box allows you to discover some of these objects and explore their core material.

Victorian childhood
A collection of original objects common in any Victorian nursery or child’s bedroom. The box includes games, clothing and school equipment plus a range of activities for the class to explore.

World War One
Explore original and replica objects and documents from Heritage and Culture Warwickshire’s collections to do with the First World War including items from the trenches, personal items such as clothing and mess tins, medical equipment, medals, postcards and a resource pack of images and documents.

British Wildlife
Wildlife is all around us but often moving too fast for us to get a close up look. These specimens allow you to study insects and butterflies up close and discuss their habitats without leaving the classroom.

Time capsule 1930s
A box packed with typical household objects from the 1930s. An ideal hands-on experience for comparing then and now, or to get a feel for life before the Second World War.

Kitchens through time
A range of typical kitchen gadgets and objects from the Victorian period through to modern day. Great for seeing how things change with advances in technology.

Patterns in nature from around the World and Patterns in British Nature
Take your art project one step further and be inspired by the amazing patterns that the natural world has to offer. These boxes include samples of rocks, fossils, plants, insects and wildlife from the natural world.

Get down to earth without leaving the classroom or getting your hands dirty. Learn how archaeologists work by examining a range of real archaeological finds from around Warwickshire.


This box contains a range of costumes from Victorian to modern times, and is a great way to look at different materials, fashions and practicalities of clothing and costume – and what the clothes we wear say about us.

Medicine through Time
Get the chance to explore a range of documents and objects from our archive and museum handling collections reflecting attitudes towards health and the provision of medical care, dating from Egyptian to Victorian times.

Booking Details

Loans Boxes cost £20.00 for a fortnight hire.

Boxes must be picked up and returned to St John’s Museum.

We can deliver the box to you and lead an introductory one-hour session to either the class or the teaching staff for just an extra £50.00 (maximum of 36 pupils per session).

Ideal for KS2 and KS3 groups.  KS1 groups  can only borrow boxes as part of a group-leader led introductory session.

You can collect your box when you come to visit us – just mention this when booking.

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