Heritage Education – Lunaticks & Fingersmiths

English Language change since 1700.
A workshop for Sixth Form / Years 12 & 13 delivered at the County Record Office in Warwick.

Open recipe book2

For students following the syllabus for English Language B: Language Change since 1700. Look at examples of changes in the English language using original documents.
This hands-on workshop uses a range of original texts and documents. Discover why some words fall out of favour or become taboo.
This includes:
A brief introduction to the Record Office.
The chance to study up to 10 original documents;
  • an eighteenth century deed
  • one of the first illustrated newspapers
  • an extract from a burial register
  • personal records such as war letters and postcards
  • 18th century recipe books
  • telegrams and airmail letters from the 1970s
Transcriptions and copies of documents are provided during the session and schools take away a CD for further study
If the County Record Office is not available Priory House, on the same site, will be used as an alternative.

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