Heritage Education – Lunaticks & Fingersmiths

English Language change since 1700.

A special workshop for Sixth Form / Years 12 & 13 delivered at the County Record Office in Warwick.

Open recipe book2Would you like to give your students the chance to look at examples of English language change since 1700 using original documents?

Warwickshire County Record Office has everything from an 18th century recipe book to airmail letters and telegrams from the 1970s.

Our interactive session, Lunaticks and Fingersmiths, is suitable for Sixth Form students following the syllabus for English Language B: Language Change since 1700.

This hands-on workshop explores changes in the English Language from 1700 to the present day, using a range of original texts and documents. Discover why some words fall out of favour or become taboo, and historical anachronisms that wouldn’t happen nowadays.

The workshop lasts for two hours and includes:

  • A brief introduction to the Record Office
  • The chance to study up to 10 original documents
  • These include public records, such as an eighteenth century deed, one of the first illustrated newspapers and an extract from a burial register, together with personal records such as war letters and postcards, recipe books and telegrams
  • Transcriptions and copies of documents are provided during the session and schools take away a CD for further study

If the County Record Office is not available Priory House, on the same site, will be used as an alternative.

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