Heritage Education – Put Your Pupils in the Dock!

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Key Stage: 2

Delivered at: Old Shire Hall, Warwick

Duration: 2 hours

Main focus: History, English

Bring your class to the old Warwick Crown Courts for a chance to re-enact a genuine Victorian trial. Please note bookings can only be made for Mondays. Book early to help us accommodate you: we advise eight weeks’ notice. Indoor lunch facilities are available.

Workshop Outline

Tour the Victorian court rooms, 20th century cells and 17th century dungeon. Role play and re-enact a genuine Victoria Warwickshire court case from the records in Warwickshire’s archive. Learn how the penal system of the past differs from the justice system today, using literacy, communication and drama skills in a new and exciting environment.

Key Skills Covered

  • Chronological understanding
  • Change and continuity – recognise the differences between the Victorian and today’s legal system
  • Historic enquiry and interpretation of written and visual evidence from the archives
  • Speaking, listening and participating in debate


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