Heritage Education – Romans

An interactive day project for Key Stage 2, based at Priory House, Warwick.
Investigate Roman domestic life using a collection of original and replica Roman objects.  This practical workshop includes handling original Roman objects and recording observations.


This workshop includes:
  • Observing, handling, sorting and recording original Roman pottery
  • Looking at a selection of Roman artefacts and making conclusions about Roman life.
  • The opportunity to dress a Roman in replica costume
  • Did the Romans eat pizza? – play the food game and find out
  • Roman writing – write your own Roman letter
Pupils will be able to practise skills in:
  • Chronological understanding – place the Roman occupation of Britain in a timeline of British history.
  • Religious, ethnic and cultural diversity – suggest why the Romans came to Britain.
  • Significance – talk about the lasting impact of the Romans on Britain today.
  • Interpretation – make inferences from archaeological evidence. Select information about life in Roman Britain from a range of sources.
Key skills covered:
  • Historic enquiry – comparing/contrasting information, identifying and analysing evidence.
  • Use of resource – use of original source materials to find out about the life of Romans living in Britain.

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