Heritage Education – Romans

An interactive day project for Key Stage 2, based at Priory House, Warwick.  Also available at Kingsbury Water Park, Kingsbury, Sutton Coldfield, in the Spring and Autumn terms.
Investigate Roman domestic life using a collection of original and replica Roman objects.  This practical workshop includes handling original Roman objects and recording observations.


This workshop includes:
  • Observing, handling, sorting and recording original Roman pottery
  • Looking at a selection of Roman artefacts and making conclusions about Roman life.
  • The opportunity to dress a Roman in replica costume
  • Did the Romans eat pizza? – play the food game and find out
  • Roman writing – write your own Roman letter on wax tablets
  • Get hands on and grind cumin with a pestle and mortar
Pupils will be able to practise skills in:
  • Chronological understanding – place the Roman occupation of Britain in a timeline of British history.
  • Religious, ethnic and cultural diversity – suggest why the Romans came to Britain.
  • Significance – talk about the lasting impact of the Romans on Britain today.
  • Interpretation – make inferences from archaeological evidence. Select information about life in Roman Britain from a range of sources.
Key skills covered:
  • Historic enquiry – comparing/contrasting information, identifying and analysing evidence.
  • Use of resource – use of original source materials to find out about the life of Romans living in Britain.

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