Heritage Education – Shakespeare’s Warwickshire

A 2 hour workshop for KS2 based at Priory House, Warwick.
Find out more about life in Shakespeare’s time using objects, documents and costume. Delivered from our Priory House site in Warwick. There is an optional self-guided tour of Tudor buildings in Warwick to make this a whole day trip.
Great for pupils studying Shakespeare in literacy in understanding life in Shakespeare’s time.


The workshop includes:
  • Investigating what people wore in Shakespeare’s time. Using our replica costume collection and Tudor portraits
  • Handling replica Tudor objects. What they can tell us about life in Shakespeare’s time?
  • Finding out what people ate, how they cooked and what they had in their houses. How did they look after their health?
  • Looking at what evidence exists for finding out about life in Shakespeare’s time.
  • Having a go at writing some of Shakespeare’s words using Tudor handwriting with a quill and ink.
  • An optional teacher led trail of Warwick looking at Tudor buildings
The session starts at 10.15 am and finishes at 12.15 pm.
Optional teacher led Warwick town trail at no extra cost (choose between a 30 minute and 60 minute trail)

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