Heritage Education – Stone Age to Iron Age

A special day project for Key Stage 2, based in your classroom.
Use archaeological investigative skills to discover this period of pre-history. Illustrated with local Warwickshire sites and replica objects. Significant changes between each period are focused on in the workshop.
This workshop includes:
  • DSCN0774aThe changes in the stone age diet as farming developed
  • The introduction of roundhouses in the Bronze Age
  • The opportunity to handle replica objects from the Warwickshire museum collections.
  • Being archaeologists and ‘examining’ the remains of a roundhouse.


The workshop lasts 4.5 hours and runs from 9.30am – 3.00pm, fitting within your own school day.  It also requires the use of the class projector throughout the day.

Pupils will be able to practise skills in :


  • Chronological understanding – place the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages in chronological order. Place them in a timeline of British history.
  • Change and continuity – discuss the significant changes between each of the time periods.
  • Significance – explain the changes and developments that occurred during this period.
  • Cause and consequence – understand the development of technology and the impact this had.
  • Interpretation – use objects and scientific evidence to identify characteristics of the different time periods.
Key skills:


  • Historic enquiry – comparing/contrasting information, identifying and analysing evidence
  • Use of resource – use of different archeaological and historical sources.

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