Heritage Education – Toys and Games

An hour long, interactive handling session for Key Stage 1, based at St John’s House Museum Warwick or in your classroom.

Your class will have the opportunity to enjoy a fun, interactive session and have the chance to handle and learn about toys and games in the past – all without a battery or electronic device in sight!

This project is led by a Heritage Education group leader and includes:

  • A handling session of real and replica toys and games from the pastDSCN0756a
  • Investigating materials toys in the past and today are made from
  • Exploring the forces and power sources needed to make toys in the past and today work
  • Opportunity for students to compare toys from the past with toys of today
  • If experienced at the museum; the chance to see historic toys on display

Pupils will be able to practise skills in :

  • Chronological understanding – understand how toys were different in the past.
  • Change and continuity – talk about how toys in the past were different from today and what is similar.
  • Significance – show understanding that design, materials and technology can indicate whether a toy is old or new.
  • Interpretation- make inferences from playing with different types of toys what was different about them in the past and how children’s lives in the past were different.


  • Historic enquiry – comparing/contrasting information, identifying and analysing evidence.
  • Use of resources – the workshop uses replica and contemporary toys for pupils to handle and play with.

If you are visiting St Johns House Museum for this workshop you might also want to book one of our other workshops at the museum.

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