Heritage Education – Victorians at St Johns – Victorian Schoolroom Extension Activities

Key stage:  1 & 2
Delivered at: St Johns House Museum, Warwick
Duration: 1 hour
Main focus: History, English, Art, Mathematics
This workshop is usually booked alongside other Victorian’s at St Johns workshops as part of a whole day’s programme of activity. This workshop is great when accompanied by the Victorian Schoolroom workshop. We can accommodate groups of 90 at St Johns House Museum. If your group is larger please call to discuss.
Workshop outline
Pupils can spend more time in this workshop having a go at some of the activities familiar to a Victorian school child. There are three activities to try in the workshop, differentiated for each key stage. Pupils move around the room, guided by a Heritage Education Group Leader.

Key Stage 1 pupils will be able to practise their copy writing on slates, forming their letters with the unfamiliar cursive script taught to Victorian children. This is done by repeating the same letter over and over again. They can try a copy-drawing exercise from a Victorian art lesson, learning to draw like a Victorian child. Play the Schoolroom object game and see if they can identify objects they might have noticed in the Victorian Schoolroom, can they match the picture with it’s name?

Key Stage 2 pupils will be able to practise their copy writing with dip pens and ink using the method of repeating the same letter over and over again until you can do it perfectly. Test their arithmetic using Victorian Shillings and Pence, what sweets can you buy from the shop with your pocket money?  Play a game to identify copies of  Victorian school photographs using the clue cards.

Key skills covered

  • Chronological understanding
  •  Talk about how life in the past was different from today and what is similar.
  • Talk about the education Victorian schoolchildren received.
  • Interpretation- make inferences from original sources and objects about life in the past.
  • Empathise with Victorian children through comparison with their lives today.
  • Basic arithmetic
  • Drawing skills

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