Heritage Education – WWII Home Front

A hands-on day project for Key Stage 2 based at Priory House, Warwick, starting at 10.15am and finishing at 2.15pm.

DSCN0701aMr Hitler is on the march and we have no powdered egg. Evacuate your class to experience a child’s eye view of World War II. Shelter from a full scale Blitzkrieg, evacuate to a strange place called Warwickshire and investigate objects belonging to a range of home front characters.

‘Don’t Panic’ takes you through the struggles and victories of life on the Home Front, including meeting home front characters and even a little wartime shopping.

This project is led by a Heritage Education Group Leader and includes:

  • Evacuee and Blitz role play
  • 1940s recycling
  • How to live on rationing
  • Original objects from the Home Front of WWII

Pupils will be able to practise skills in :

  • Chronological understanding – place World War II in a timeline of British history.
  • Cause and consequence – understand the purpose of rationing and recycling materials during WWII.
  • Interpretation – examine evidence from a variety of sources to infer thoughts and feelings of a range of home front characters.

Key skills covered:

  • Historic enquiry – comparing/contrasting information, identifying and analysing evidence.
  • Use of resources – use of original source materials to find out about life on the Home Front of WWII.

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