Heritage Education – Key Stage 2

We can help your class experience life as a Victorian, explore Warwickshire’s past through time and bring the Stone Age to your class room. All our workshops are delivered by experienced teaching staff and have been developed to support your teaching in the classroom.

Click on the links below for more information on workshops for Key Stage 2.

Rocks and Fossils at Cross Hands Quarry
Visit Cross Hands Quarry in southern Warwickshire and discover a Jurassic landscape rich in fossils from 160 million years ago with one of our group leaders.

Ancient Egyptians
A 3 hour workshop in your school this is a unique opportunity to travel back to ancient Egypt with original objects, costume and drama.

Stone Age to Iron Age
Delivered in your classroom pupils are encouraged to use archaeological investigative skills to discover this fascinating period of pre-history; illustrated with local Warwickshire sites and replica objects.

Loans Boxes
Designed to support your teaching in the classroom, bringing historic artefacts into the classroom, they are available for a 2 week loan, collection and return at St Johns House museum, Warwick. Use them to bring history to the hands of your students or as inspiration for art and design projects.
Topics range from Fossils to British Wildlife and Victorian childhood to the 1930s.

History Detectives
Delivered from the Searchroom of the County Record Office, Warwick, these workshop offer classes the unique opportunity to examine original historic documents of a range of themes; WWI, Crime and Punishment, History of Medicine and Local History.

Put Your Pupils in the Dock Delivered at Warwick Old Courts this workshop will let your students take part in a mock Victorian trial based on real court records plus explore the cells, gaol and courtrooms.

Fossil Handling Workshop
A 2 hour workshop for Key Stage 2 delivered at Market Hall Museum.

Who’s Eating What – Science Workshop
A 2 hour workshop delivered at Market Hall Museum. Explore taxidermy, animal bones and learn about the food chain.

Ancient Romans
An opportunity to investigate Roman domestic life using a wonderful collection of original and replica Roman objects. Delivered from our Priory House site in Warwick.

Anglo Saxons
A hands-on day exploring the culture of the Anglo-Saxons and uncovering their impact on Warwickshire. Delivered from our Priory House site in Warwick.

World War II Home Front
This is a role-play based session covering children’s evacuation, the Blitz, make-do-and-mend and rationing. This whole day workshop is delivered from our Priory House site in Warwick.

Shakespeare’s Warwickshire
A 2 hour workshop, giving your class the opportunity to find out more about life in Shakespeare’s time using objects, documents and costume. Delivered from our Priory House site in Warwick. There is an optional self-guided tour of Tudor buildings in Warwick to make this a whole day trip.

Victorian Schoolroom at St Johns House MuseumVictorians at St Johns
Attend a lesson in our real Victorian classroom, try on a top hat or get hands-on in our laundry with Charlotte the laundry-maid for memorable experiences that will bring history to life. Choose from a number of different sessions to build your own day visit.

Archaeology Mini Dig
Bring your class to St John’s Museum in Warwick and experience a day of archaeological exploration techniques.  A special summer workshop designed in partnership with Archaeology Warwickshire.

Stem Workshop – Top Secret Turbine Challenge 
A 2 hour workshop delivered in your classroom, developed with engineering experts Imagineering to build and experiment with wind turbines.

Compose it!
Create and compose a soundscape of Market Hall Museum Explore the sounds of the museum through handling artefacts and recording your interpretation of their voice.  Links to the I.T and Music curriculum.