Invitation for artists and set designers to create an interactive installation at Market Hall Museum

Invitation for artists and set designers to create an interactive installation at Market Hall Museum, Warwick.

Space control centre brief

Heritage and Culture Warwickshire (HCW) is looking to commission an artist or set designer to create an immersive and interactive space control room at the Market Hall Museum, Warwick.  


24th July 2019 is the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11’s moon landing and the first time man walked on the moon. Heritage and Culture Warwickshire are planning a series of events over the summer to celebrate the moon landing and explore space. As part of this celebration we want to temporarily turn our First Museum gallery into an immersive space control centre for use by children and their families.

Visitors should be able to interact with the space through working buttons and screens. An atmosphere should be set through the playing of sounds and video relating to launch of space rockets and communicating with astronauts in space. It should be unrecognisable as a museum gallery space. We would like to include the use of digital tools as part of the interaction.

The Space

The gallery space is a small room known as the First Museum; construction needs to stand independently of the display cases but needs to create the illusion of a control room. All existing furniture should be encased by the new space control centre to prevent damage to the museum cases. Access will need to be maintained to a few areas where fuse boxes are present.

There is access to plug sockets within the room which can be used to power the control centre. The materials used would need to weather regular use by children for this period. All digital technology should be easily maintainable by museum staff during this period.

The First Museum measures approximately 270cm x 300cm with a ceiling height up to 350cm. These are not accurate measurements and discussion about design and accessibility to fuse boxes would need to take place.


  • Installation could take place from 15th July – 23rd July 2019.
  • The control centre would be open from 24th July to 30th August 2019.
  • De-installation would need to take place the following week.


Information about Heritage and Culture Warwickshire (HCW)

HCW is the Museum, Archives and Arts Service for Warwickshire and operates from the physical sites of St John’s House Museum, Market Hall Museum and Warwickshire County Record Office.  

Market Hall Museum is based in the centre of Warwick and houses collections reflecting the history of Warwickshire, its people and landscapes. The museum reopened its doors to the public on Saturday 18th February 2017, following a 17 month £1.5 million redevelopment, generously supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.  The Museum has strong collections in Archaeology, Costume and Textiles, Social History, Geology and Natural History with objects and specimens displayed around three themes: Getting Here, Made Here and Living Here.

Budget: We would like all costs for the project to come in under £2,000. This is to include fees and materials.

Contact: For further details contact Rebecca Coles on 01926 736397 or email

How to apply: Please send a CV and response to the brief on no more than four sides of A4 to Rebecca Coles at St Johns House Museum, St Johns, Warwick, Warwickshire, CV34 4NF. Or via email to

Closing date for applications is 5pm 22nd April 2019.