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Irish Giant Deer skeleton

There are many collections of fine art, tapestries, fossils, dinosaur bones, and information on Warwickshire’s history within our museum services.

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  • Close up and Personal

    Take a look at some fascinating objects in our collection, close up images and examination of each object. [read more]

  • Warwickshire Museum’s Giant Irish Deer

    Warwickshire Museum has the skeleton of a Giant Irish Deer amongst its geological collections. [read more]

  • Warwickshire Museum’s herbarium

Warwickshire Museum houses an extensive herbarium of historic plant specimens.

  • Looking Good!

    Today we spend time and money making ourselves look and smell attractive. But how did people in the past do this? We often assume that everyone smelt really bad but, as these objects from Warwickshire Museum show, people have always cared about looking good! [read more]

  • Museum Society Library Collection

    Our museum dates back to 1836 when a group of local gentlemen established the Warwickshire Natural History and Archaeological Society. [read more]

  • Past collectors, present collecting

    Warwickshire Museum collects objects and items that relate to archaeology, natural history, social history and geology. Today, the museum concentrates on locally collected items or those with a strong Warwickshire connection. [read more]

  • Revelations

    Objects can be used as evidence. They can reveal exciting and unique information about the world around us and how people lived in the past. [read more]

  • The Sheldon Tapestry Maps

    The Sheldon Tapestry Map of Warwickshire can be seen at the Market Hall Museum, Warwick. [read more]