Warwickshire Museum’s herbarium

Warwickshire Museum’s herbarium is dominated by a collection of nearly 200 boxes of pressed specimens. This collection consists of around 18,500 specimens. Each box contains around 100 specimens. Within each box, specimens are divided into folders – generally beige for plants collected in Warwickshire, and blue for non-Warwickshire. Most of the main collection was found in Warwickshire and most non-Warwickshire accessions are older Victorian specimens transferred to the collection from the Warwickshire Natural History and Archaeological Society. Specimens are generally well labelled with the species name, collector’s name and collection site. These are written on legible labels stuck usually in the bottom right hand corner.

Herbarium sheet

The boxes are made of acid-free cardboard. Each specimen is mounted on acid-free card. They are usually stuck down using thin paper strips, older specimens are usually sown in or sometimes glued down.

The herbarium is a valuable resource for ecologists, historical researchers and artists. As a public resource it is available to view by appointment.