Museum Exhibitions

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Complementing the Museum’s permanent collection, the programme of free temporary exhibitions are available to view at both Market Hall Museum and St John’s House. These exhibitions range in size from a single case to a room.

Your Place or Mine…? took place in 2013

19 January – 14 July 2013

This was the 2nd in our ‘test cases’* series of exhibitions and it explores ideas about Warwickshire’s homes and habitats, and what we mean by the word ‘place’. The exhibition questioned whether your house is the building blocks it is made from, or whether it is about the objects you put in it, the memories you create, or the sense of place you get from local landmarks, traditions and shared experiences. It also looked at those who have lost their home or have been forced to live in Warwickshire through prison, asylum or workhouse.

Beyond These Four Walls

In this ‘Test Case’ we tried out freely available social media applications and QR codes as new ways to engage with our visitors, and broader communities.

We welcome feedback on the exhibition through Twitter (@oisinthedeer) and Facebook.

We also discussed the theme of ‘Your Place or Mine’ through our Facebook and Twitter accounts, where you’ll find information, thoughts, memories and even images.

A virtual museum exhibition – it’s all yours

  • We’d also like you to contribute to an online exhibition, linked to our theme of ‘Your Place or Mine’.
  • We’re using ‘Pinterest’ – a social media application that allows users to create and share photo collections.
  • We’d love to see photos of your favourite Warwickshire building or space and add them to our Your Place or Mine pinboard.
  • You can tweet us your photos to @OisintheDeer or simply email them to us at  (titling them ‘Your Place or Mine’). Don’t forget to tell us the name of your place or building!

We’ll post a selection up on our pinboard which you’ll be able to access on computers and a wide range of mobile devices at

Your feedback would be much appreciated, and will help us to shape the future of the Market Hall Museum. Please contact us with your feedback.