New display of spectacular Jurassic Fossils

Market Hall Museum in Warwick has received a loan of a spectacular collection of Jurassic fossils that will be on display to the public over the summer. The fossil shells, many of which are from Warwickshire, belong to local collector Nic Reast. Nic has spent hundreds of hours preparing the specimens from solid rock, resulting in the Jurassic gems now on display.

Nic says: I’ve been lucky enough over the years to have found some nice fossils, but they deserve to be shown, not hidden away. So I’m very pleased some of my finds have been chosen to be put on display at the museum, allowing them to be viewed and hopefully appreciated by the public. ‘

Jon Radley, Curator of Natural Sciences says: ‘Nic’s amazing fossils give us a tantalising glimpse of life in Jurassic seas, nearly 200 million years ago. Without collectors like Nic within our community, scientifically valuable and inspirational fossils would go unnoticed, or be lost forever. We’re very grateful for the loan, and hope that our summer visitors enjoy them’.

The fossils are on display on the first floor of the Market Hall Museum throughout the summer. The museum is open Tuesdays – Sundays 10AM – 5PM, entrance is free.