Our Warwickshire Quiz from Home

Are you interested in the history, heritage, and natural environment of Warwickshire? This website contains thousands of photos, stories, memories, and maps.  They have been uploaded by local people, museums and archives and you can add your comments and stories too.

Take part in this weeks  quiz:

Just for fun, all the answers can be found in the pages of Our Warwickshire. Top tip to find the answers use the keyword search function of the website. The answers at the bottom of the page, don’t cheat!! This weeks it’s all about the month of June.

Pride Month

1. Why were there protests in Rugby in 1984? Find out more about Warwickshire’s LGBTQ+ histories on Our Warwickshire!

World Wide Knit in Public Day, 13th June

2. Why was Dunchurch yarn bombed in 2019? What was one bollard decorated with?

3. Thinking of taking up knitting? How about knitting some knickerbockers? Who owned a pattern for a gentleman’s knickerbocker along with several stocking patterns?

Fudge Day, 16th June

4. Do you like fudge? Where does the recipe for chocolate fruit fudge featured on Our Warwickshire’s Heritage Cooking Challenge come from?

World Music Day, 21st June

5. Archive search rooms are quiet places, but music can still be found, albeit written down. Two pieces of music for fugues can be found in the Warwickshire County Record Office, some of which is available to listen to on Our Warwickshire. Which family is possibly associated with it?








1. The words ‘sexual orientation’ were removed from Rugby Borough Council’s Equal Opportunities policy, removing protection against discrimination, and the campaign was to reverse this decision.

2. 100 years of the WI, a knitted cat

3. Anne Elizabeth Hardcastle Olivier

4. The Hemming Family of Henley in Arden collection

5. The Greville family