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“From Plants to Pills” was a community led education project to help tell the story of the development of health and medicines in Warwickshire.  Community groups and people across Warwickshire were invited to take part in workshops to learn more about the wealth of information we hold in the Museum and the Country Record Office (CRO).  Whilst finding out about our records the participants were encouraged to tell us their family secrets for staying well and adding their stories to our blog.  Some are centuries old and passed down through generations in the county, some are newer and from communities that have their roots in other parts of the world.  The recipes and remedies we gathered from the communities were exhibited alongside some of the records of remedies and objects we hold.  Alongside the displays we had a short film showing people across Warwickshire discussing their remedies : where people are invited to input their remedies; and interactive board games for children to get involved. The exhibition ran from ran from the 19th July through to the end of September 2013.

The From Plants to Pills Blog.

You will  be able to see some of the recipes and remedies from our own collections on the blog. Heritage and Culture Warwickshire has a wealth of fascinating information and objects that tell a story of the development of health and medicines in Warwickshire. You’ll find everything from a recipe to cure plague found in an 18th Century housewife’s recipe book, to the maps that were drawn up for major Warwickshire towns by the Board of Health in Victorian times to help improve health through better drainage and sanitary provisions. These can be found in the collections and historical records of the Museum Service, the County Record Office and our Library and Information Service.


As part of the project our staff give an illustrated talk about our medicine related collections and some background about the project. If you are interested in one of these talks please email