About us

County Record Office exteriorThe office collects, preserves and makes available the historic records of Warwickshire and its people. We have records dating from the 12th century onwards and our collections cover a wide variety of historical documents, from old title deeds to recent baptism registers.

Records are deposited with us on a regular basis, and we keep all records in a secure and safe environment so that they will be preserved for future generations.

The records can be accessed through our public search room, where you can request and view items from our collections.

You can also access some of our resources from home, and we can deal with certain types of enquiry by post or email.

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Who we are

There are six archivists and a conservator, as well as a number of archive assistants, a conservation assistant and administrative staff. The archivists and archive assistants staff the public search room and provide advice to visitors on their research. We also have a conservation unit, which is responsible for the physical preservation of the records. Their duties involve repairing documents, ensuring that the strongrooms meet the optimum environmental conditions and producing surrogate copies such as microfilms and digital images.

Aims for our service

Every year we produce a service plan for the record office, which details the aims for our service for the year (1st April – 31st March). You can view or download a PDF copy of the current service plan.

We also produce a review based on the service plan from the previous year, to indicate those aims we have achieved, missed or carried over to the current service plan. You can view or download a PDF copy of the current service plan review.


Download our PDFs for more information on the policies which guide the work of the record office:

Working for us

To view details of vacancies within Warwickshire County Council, please visit the Warwickshire County Council job site.