About us

County Record Office exterior

The office collects historic records of Warwickshire and its people. Our earliest documents date from the 12th century. Our collections cover anything from title deeds to baptism registers and we add to them on a regular basis.

We preserve all our records in a secure environment so they are saved for future generations.

Our public search room allows anyone to view items from our collections. You can also access some of our resources from home, and we can deal with certain types of enquiry by post or email.

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To discover more about our most common classes of records, see our main categories of records

Aims for our service

Every year we produce a service plan for the record office. This details the aims for our service for the financial year (1st April – 31st March).


Download our PDFs for more information on the policies which guide the work of the record office:

Working for us

To view details of vacancies within Warwickshire County Council, please visit the Warwickshire County Council job site.