Conservation and reprographics unit


Waller Preserving documentsThe Conservation and Reprographics Unit care for the physical preservation of the collections. We are responsible for:

  • Monitoring and managing the strong room environment to provide overall long-term protection of all our collections
  • Carrying out preventative measures such as packaging records in acid-free boxes, folders and envelopes, polyester sleeves and specialist photographic papers
  • Repairing documents using traditional and modern techniques
  • Providing advice on the conservation of documents to other County Council departments and members of the public.

Please contact us if you have a query.

Please note that the conservation department’s primary aim is to look after the documents in our care. At our discretion we can carry out conservation work for other institutions and individuals for agreed budgets.

Care of your documents at home

We have produced a short guide on the care of your documents at home with some simple tips on how to look after your own documents.


The Conservation & Reprographics Unit can:

  • produce surrogate copies of documents for public use in the search room, for example microfilms of parish registers and digital images of photographs
  • produce microfilms or digital scans of records for purchase.

Please visit our copying services page for more information.