Depositing Records

The County Record Office collects records of historic value that will be of use and interest to present and future generations.

If you know of records relating to Warwickshire that you think may be of interest please contact us before disposing of them. Members of the public have often helped save records of outstanding historic interest.

Our collections policy gives further information about the types of records we collect.

Depositing records

If you wish to make a deposit of records that fit our collections policy, please contact the accessioning archivist. We will endeavour to reply to your enquiry as soon as possible.

The accessioning archivist will decide whether the record office should preserve the collection. Once this has been agreed they can talk you through the next steps and arrange a time to deposit the records.

Accessioning and cataloguing archival material can be time consuming and resource intensive. Anything you can do to help would be much appreciated. This could include:

  • Sorting the collection
  • Preparing a list of documents
  • Weeding out any duplicate or unrelated material
  • Making notes on the history of the collection.

Church of England parish records

The record office is the place of deposit for parishes within Warwickshire. Please see the Church of England records management guides and contact us for further advice.