County Record Office – Resources and Catalogues

Our online catalogue

Warwickshire’s Past Unlocked is our online catalogue which lists many of the original archives held at Warwickshire County Record Office. Use it to find out more about our holdings and to obtain the document references of items you wish to see when you visit us. The catalogue is updated once every two months but does not contain any digital images of our records. Visit Warwickshire’s Past Unlocked for more details.

Warwickshire’s parish records up to 1911, as well as many early court records, are now available to view online through Access to ancestry is on a pay per view or subscription basis, or you can access the site for free in our searchroom or in Warwickshire libraries. [Read more]

To view Warwickshire’s Parish Records on please visit our section on their website.

Victuallers database

The Victuallers database is a database containing details of licensed victuallers in Warwickshire from 1801-1828. The information has been taken from the series of registers of calendars of Victuallers’ Recognizances held by the County Record Office. [Read more]

Tithe Apportionments

The Tithe Apportionments database contains information from the Warwickshire tithe apportionments, produced after the Tithe Commutation Act of 1836. Not all our parishes have apportionments, but those that have now appear on this website. [Read more]

Calendars of Prisoners

The Calendars of Prisoners database is an index to the ‘Calendars of Prisoners’ or lists of those held in the County Prisons (in Warwick, Birmingham and Coventry) for trial at the Assize and the Quarter Sessions courts held in Warwick between 1800 and 1900. Search the database and find links to more information. [Read more]

Access to Archives

The Access to Archives database contains searchable catalogues of a number of Warwickshire collections, including those of landed estates, businesses, hospitals, schools and churches. Visit the National Archives website for more information. A2A is the English strand of the UK archives network: its database at A2A contains catalogues to 9.45 million items held across England in national, local and specialist repositories and dating from the 700s to the present day.

Manorial Records Group

Manorial Document Register

A database to the manorial documents for Warwickshire can be accessed through the National Archives website.  This database provides information on the nature and location of manorial documents for Wales and many counties in England. Visit the National Archives website for more details.

Warwickshire’s manorial documents register was recently updated through a project completed at Warwickshire County Record office and funded by the National Archives.

Windows on Warwickshire

Windows on Warwickshire is a searchable database of images of historic photographs and other items held at Warwickshire museums, archives and libraries, as well as Compton Verney Art Gallery and Warwick Castle. Unlock your past now on the Windows on Warwickshire website.