Compass layers

Admin. boundaries

CompassModern parish, district and county boundaries

Historical Warwickshire Admin. Boundary

A layer showing the old County boundary from mid nineteenth century

WCC County Record Office

Tithe and Inclosure map indexes

InformationtoolThese layers will display polygons showing the coverage of our tithe and inclosure maps. Each map is represented by a separate polygon, and if you click on a polygon with the Information tool selected, additional information will be displayed, including the reference number for the map.

When the ‘Feature information’ window is displayed, make sure you select the ‘Tithe map index’ or ‘Inclosure map index’ tab to see the correct information.

Please note, the maps themselves are not available via Compass, but the indexes will confirm the land covered by a particular map, and provide the references you would need to consult the map in our searchroom.

Historical Aerial Photography

Aerial photography from 1999-2000 and 2005-2006 covering Warwickshire

Historical Maps by Coverage and Type

Digitised Ordnance Survey maps of a range of dates and scales, organised by the completeness of coverage or by grid system and scale.

InformationtoolPlease note, the dates of particular map tiles within a layer will vary, as Ordnance Survey maps covering Warwickshire were produced and revised over a number of years. Clicking on a part of the map with the Information tool selected will provide additional information on the date of a particular map tile.