Calendars of Prisoners Database

This database is an index to the calendars of prisoners or lists of those held in the county prisons (at Warwick, Birmingham and Coventry) for trial at the Courts of Assize and at the Quarter Sessions courts held in Warwick between 1800 and 1900. As the county included (for this purpose) Birmingham and (from 1842) Coventry, there are many cases relating to these two places (which were much larger than any other towns in Warwickshire).

The record office holds very few photographs of the people mentioned in the Calendars of Prisoners database. However, the two gentlemen pictured here feature in an album of Known Thieves held at the record office as well as on this database. Click on the image to see their entry.

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Information contained in the database

As well as listing the prisoners, the database also includes details of the victims. In each case, the full name of the accused or the victim is given, with (in the case of the accused) their age, degree of literacy, occupation, crime and sentence, and in the case of victims their residence and details of the crime committed against them. Digital images of the calendars are not available on this website.

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