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shieldAs part of a project to scan selected records, we have recently produced digital copies of a published set of Warwickshire Quarter Sessions volumes. Downloadable copies of these volumes are available for purchase through the Midland Ancestors online shop.

The volumes

The volumes were produced for the Records Committee of Warwickshire County Council in the 1930s and comprise order and indictment books from the 17th century from Warwickshire’s Quarter Sessions:

  • Volume 1 – Quarter Sessions Order book Easter 1625 to Trinity 1637
  • Volume 2 – Quarter Sessions Order book Michaelmas 1637 to Epiphany 1650
  • Volume 3 – Quarter Sessions Order book Easter 1650 to Epiphany 1657
  • Volume 4 – Quarter Sessions Order book Easter 1657 to Epiphany 1665
  • Volume 5 – Quarter Sessions Order book Easter 1665 to Epiphany 1674
  • Volume 6 – Quarter Sessions Indictment book Easter 1631 to Epiphany 1674
  • Volume 7 – Quarter Sessions Record book Easter 1674 to Easter 1682
  • Volume 8 – Quarter Sessions Record book Trinity 1682 to Epiphany 1690

Quarter Sessions

Quarter Sessions courts were held four times a year. As well as dealing with criminal cases, the courts provided many administrative functions for the county such as licencing and could deal with poor law disputes concerning settlement or bastardy.

As a result, the Quarter Sessions records are a precursor to Warwickshire County Councils own records and contain a great deal of information useful to family and local historians alike.

What information do the volumes contain?

The Order Books contain orders, proceedings and resolutions of the Quarter Sessions, covering a wide range of subjects.

The Indictment book deals with the judicial side of the work of Justices of the Peace, with short notes of the results of the cases brought before the justices.

The Record books contain a combination of five sources from the Quarter Sessions records covering the judicial and administrative aspects of the court:

  • Indictments
  • Order books
  • Minute books
  • Rolls of declarations against transubstantiation
  • Draft Estreats of Fines and Amercements

A name index for all volumes is available for free on the website to check if the books are likely to be of use for your research.