Enquiry and Research Services

You are welcome to contact us with any enquiries you have regarding our records. On this page you will find help, prices and information on the following:

  • Enquiry Service
  • Limited Enquiry Service
  • Paid Research Service
  • Employing a Private Researcher

We try to deal with enquiries in the order that they are received as far as possible. We therefore regret that we cannot answer detailed enquiries by telephone and would request that you put your enquiry in writing, either by post or email.

Enquiry Service

Enquiries about the nature of our holdings, or information that can be obtained quickly by checking indexes or catalogues, can be provided free of charge. Please send your enquiries by email or post using the addresses on the right hand side of this page.

Enquiries that involve looking at documents to provide an answer are subject to a fee. Please refer to the information below for further guidance.

Limited Enquiry Service

If you require one look up we can process your enquiry through our Limited Enquiry Service. [Read more].

Paid Research Service

If your research request is more involved then it can be dealt with through our Paid Research Service. [Read more].

Employing a private researcher

Alternatively, you can employ a private researcher to do your research for you. Their rates may vary from the standard charge applied by the record office. [Read more].

Access to information

At Warwickshire County Record Office we hold many records which are not available for general access due to various pieces of statutory legislation covering access to records that contain personal or sensitive information such as hospital records, school records, court records and others. Please see our access to information pages for guidance on how to apply for access to the information contained within such records.

Please see our Privacy Notice for how your personal information is used.