As well as helping behind the scenes to improve the Record Office’s online and paper based resources, many of the Record Office Volunteers help new users find their way around the public areas of the Record Office.

The volunteers are experienced users of the Record Office and are able to explain any or all of the following:

  • Registering as a CARN user
  • Where to find things in the public areas
  • How to use the card indexes and catalogues
  • How to use our online databases and online catalogue, Warwickshire’s Past Unlocked
  • How to order documents
  • How to use the General Register Office (GRO) indexes
  • How to use the Internet (sites such as Ancestry.com or Family Search)
  • How to use the microfiche and microfilm readers
  • How to use the Digital Reader Printer.

The volunteers provide their services free of charge. To book a free introductory session with one of the volunteers please phone the Record Office on +44 (0)1926 738959 or visit our reception desk in person or send an email to recordoffice@warwickshire.gov.uk. Sessions are subject to availability. Your visit should be booked in advance, preferably giving at least one week’s notice, so that we can confirm the time of your session with a volunteer.

The tour of the office can be as long or as short as is necessary, depending on your requirements and the availability of the volunteer conducting the tour. The tour is intended for individuals, families or friends; it is not suitable for larger organised groups such as clubs or societies. The tour is designed purely to be an introduction to the facilities at the Record Office. It is not intended that the volunteer undertake any research on behalf of the visitor. Any advice given is purely at the discretion of the volunteer and is not conveyed on behalf of the Record Office.