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Tourism makes a key contribution to the Warwickshire economy and the quality of life for local people.  In 2013, the sector supported over 18,000 jobs, generating some 16 million visits and business turnover in excess of £1 billion for Warwickshire.

Warwickshire County Council is committed to the development of tourism and the cultural offer to support economic growth.

The role of the County Council is to work with a range of key stakeholders including CWLEP, the District and Borough Councils, and the private sector, to deliver growth in the sector.  Its policy has three key priorities:

  • Creating compelling places to visit
  • Building private sector marketing capacity
  • Extending the benefits of tourism County-wide

The Council has embarked on a new 3-year work programme to support tourism and cultural activity across the county.  This includes:

  • Support for rural tourism, including cultural events and festivals
  • Improving visitor welcome and information
  • Facilitating the work of tourism sector partnerships

For further information on the County’s tourism strategies.

Further information on the Council’s tourism event funding scheme for 2015/16.

On these pages you will find information for visitors and tourism businesses.

If you require specific Tourist Information, please contact our network of Tourist Information Centres.