Makers at Market Hall 2019

Retail opportunity for local artists and makers

As part of the Market Hall Museum’s retail offer, we are now seeking high quality, distinctive, and unique works of art to include in our 2019 Makers at Market Hall programme which will run from April – December 2019.

The Market Hall shop:

The Market Hall shop is situated within the entrance to the Museum. The Museum is located on the main Market Square in the centre of Warwick, at the heart of the town and its commercial offer. A minimum of 60,000 visitors a year visit the Museum, the majority of whom will pass through the shop.

One of the aims in 2019 is to provide a high quality, unique shopping experience for our visitors, which includes showcasing local artists’ work for sale. We have commissioned a new, purpose built display case (approx. 600mm x 500mm x 2m ) to provide high quality display for artists’ work.

Expressions of Interest:

We are now seeking expressions of interest from local artists and makers to sell art, craft and design works in the shop in Market Hall Museum. We expect the work to be high quality, handmade and have links to Warwickshire (e.g. Warwickshire based artist, work based on Warwickshire heritage or landmark). We are interested in:

  • Original functional, decorative and fine 2D and 3D artworks including glass, ceramic, jewellery, textiles and apparel.
  • 2 Dimensional works measuring a maximum of approximately 400mm x 400mm
  • 3 Dimensional works measuring 400mm x 500mm or less
  • Jewellery & accessories: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pins, watches, scarves, ties, hats, bags
  • Functional Artworks: Ceramic serving pieces, coffee & tea, vases, kitchenware, boxes, games, toys
  • Stationery: Hand crafted cards, paper, boxes, books, journals, writing instruments, seasonal cards

Selling your work in our shop:

  • All stock is managed on a sale or return policy.
  • There are no charges to exhibit your work in the Market Hall Museum shop; we work on a commission only basis. We charge 30% commission on all work sold.
  • All work displayed in the shop is at the discretion of our Visitor Services and Operations Officer.
  • Each successful seller will be offered a month slot between April-December 2019.

How to Apply

Please provide the following information to Victoria Goodall-Barber, Visitor Services and Operations Officer, at Heritage and Culture Warwickshire:

  • Up to 10 images of your work. Files must be in a JPEG format and please make sure each file name matches the title of the artwork. Please feel free to also include a link to your website and social media pages, if appropriate.
  • Details on pricing. Please provide us with the trade price of each piece of work – we will then add the 30% commission on to create the retail price (e.g. if your trade price = £25, we will then add on 30% to give a retail price to the public of £32.50).
  • A short written description which outlines the type of work you create (including details on the techniques and processes)
  • Provide all key information about your work. If your work has specific care instructions, you should include this detail in your submission.
  • An artist statement about yourself.
  • An outline of any workshops you can provide or demonstrations etc.
  • If any, a list of other selling venues you are currently supplying.
  • If any, months that you will not be able to exhibit between April – December.
  • Full contact details including daytime telephone number and email address.

If you are submitting a range of different works please include them all on one application

Please email your expression of interest to

Submissions should be received by 29th March 2019.

Once the deadline has passed, we will be in contact within a month to let you know if your work has been selected. Your submission will be considered by a panel of staff, and we may also invite you to meet with us in Warwick to discuss your work further before making a final decision.

If your work is not selected for display on this occasion, we will be in touch to let you know this but regret that we will be unable to provide detail or enter any further discussion as to the team’s decision. You can submit your work again to be considered for display in the future or/and we may keep your submission on file.

We look forward to receiving your application. For any further information, please email: