Victorians at St Johns – Victorian laundry

Workshop title

Victorians at St Johns – Victorian laundry

Key stage 1 and 2
Delivered at

St Johns House Museum, Warwick

Duration 1 hour
Main focus

History, English

Workshop information

This workshop is usually booked alongside other Victorian’s at St Johns workshops as part of a whole day’s programme of activity. We can accommodate groups of 90 at St Johns House Museum. If your group is larger please call to discuss.

Workshop outline

Can you tell a posser from a dolly?  Find out by taking part in a laundry workshop with Charlotte our costumed laundry maid.  Experience doing the washing without electricity in this hands-on workshop. Use real and replica late Victorian equipment to carry out the washing tasks.

Take turns to pump the water, grate the soap and mangle the washing before hanging it out to dry. Are you strong enough to be a laundry maid in Victorian times? You will be able to ask our laundry maid questions about her job and compare new and old equipment used to do the washing. Pupils will be provided with an apron to keep their own clothes clean and dry from the soap and water.

Key skills covered
  • Chronological understanding
  • Talk about how life in the past was different from today and what is similar.
  • Understand the physical impact of tasks in the Victorian period.
  • Interpretation- make inferences from original objects about life in the past.
  • Empathise with Victorian children through comparison with their lives today.
  • Historic enquiry
  • Handling real and replica museum objects
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