Victorians at St Johns – Victorian schoolroom

Workshop title

Victorians at St Johns – Victorian schoolroom

Key stage 1 and 2
Delivered at

St Johns House Museum, Warwick

Duration 1 hour
Main focus

History, English, Mathematics

Workshop information

This workshop is usually booked alongside other Victorian’s at St Johns workshops as part of a whole day’s programme of activity. We can accommodate groups of 90 at St Johns House Museum. If your group is larger please call to discuss.

Workshop outline

An immersive classroom experience, led by our costumed  Victorian school ma’am. Pupils will dress in basic costume over their own clothes, pinafores for the girls and sailor’s collars for the boys and role play as Victorian pupils in 1888. Pupils chosen by you in advance will take on additional roles, such as class monitors.

There are even optional roles for the adults too, we provide a basic costume for you. Though you and your class are welcome to come dressed as Victorians for you visit.  The lesson will include learning reading and arithmetic by rote, using a class abacus to do their sums.

No child will be singled out to give answers unless they volunteer to reply to Miss Roach’s questions. The class will practice their hand writing using slates and pencils. Weather permitting the class will be taken outside for a short physical activity known as Drill.

Content of the workshop is differentiated for key stage.

Key skills covered
  • Historic enquiry
  • Observation
  • Chronological understanding
  • Talk about how life in the past was different to today and what is similar
  • Role play and use of imagination
  • Talking about the education Victorian schoolchildren received.
  • Interpretation- make inferences from original sources and objects about life in the past.
  • Emphasise with Victorian children through role play
  • Historic enquiry
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Mathematics
Booking information

Make a booking enquiry.

The Victorian extension activities is a great workshop to accompany the schoolroom workshop.