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Stone Age to Iron Age (key stage 1 and 2) - Warwickshire Heritage Learning

Workshop title

Stone Age to Iron Age

Key stage 1 & 2
Delivered at

In your classroom, via Teams or Zoom

Duration Box loaned for 2 weeks; virtual workshops lasts approximately 45 minutes
Main focus


Workshop outline

The museum’s curator needs you to choose the objects for a new prehistory exhibition at the museum. She has sent you a box of objects from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age to choose from. To help you she has asked an archaeologist to video call you to find out which objects you have chosen and why.

Your class will receive a loans box of replica objects that children can handle and investigate. The loans box comes with a full set of supporting information for the class teacher to enable you to prepare the children for their virtual workshop. Share out the objects to groups in the class and give them the task of choosing which objects to put in the display but also justifying that choice with historical reasoning. You will be supplied with a set of prompt cards for each object you can give to groups to help their thinking. During the virtual session the archaeologist will give the objects further context and ensure students understand the key themes of the topic; the transition from a hunter to gather society, the continuous development of technology and how it changed people’s lives. Students will be able to feedback to the archaeologist which objects they have chosen and why.

The loans box also comes with a collection of suggested activities to continue exploring the topic using the loans box and after it has been returned to the museum.

Key skills covered
  • Chronological understanding
  • Understanding the significant changes between each of the time periods.
  • Understanding the development of technology and the impact this had.
  • Interpretation of evidence
  • Historic enquiry
  • Group working
  • Questioning evidence and making conclusions.
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