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Virtual Victorian Schoolroom workshop - Warwickshire Heritage Learning

Workshop title

Virtual Victorian Schoolroom workshop

Key stage 1 & 2
Delivered at

In your classroom, via Teams or Zoom

Duration Virtual workshops lasts approximately 45 minutes
Main focus


Workshop outline

Workshop Outline: An immersive classroom experience, led by our costumed Victorian school ma’am. The lesson will include learning reading, writing and arithmetic by rote. The class will practice their handwriting using lines sent to you to prepare in advance of the virtual workshop. Students will take part in desk based drill exercises.

Our school ma’am will be dressed in costume and be in role for the whole workshop. Costume is optional for your class. Instructions on how the class should behave will be sent in advance and our staff member will call you to discuss this before your virtual workshop.

Ma’am will be available to take questions at the end of the lesson.

Content of the workshop is differentiated for key stage.

Key skills covered
  • Historic enquiry
  • Observation
  • Chronological understanding
  • Talk about how life in the past was different to today and what is similar
  • Role play and use of imagination
  • Talking about the education Victorian schoolchildren received.
  • Interpretation- make inferences from original sources and objects about life in the past.
  • Emphasise with Victorian children through role play
  • Historic enquiry
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Mathematics
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