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Warwickshire Heritage Learning - Early Years

Market Hall Museum

Entry to Market Hall Museum is free to come and explore. Pick up the animal safari trail for the early years and explore with your friends. Spend time looking for the queen bee in our live observation hive.

Story boxes

Bring the museum to your venue with an interactive story box full of stories, objects and songs. The boxes have been designed for the early years using museum objects they can handle.

Each Story Box contains a specially-commissioned interactive story using real and replica museum handling collection objects. Also included in each box are full teacher notes, suggested activities and supporting resources.

Little Red Clogs

The story of Little Red Clogs’ walk where she meets a rainbow of colourful objects. This Story Box focuses on colour and comes with a range of objects to support the story, from shoes to finger pots.

Worn red clogs

Going on a Journey?

We are going on a journey – do we have everything we need? Discover different types of transport with all the objects needed to tell the story, from large foldout maps to an explorer’s hat.

Old colourful train toys

Night Time

Do you know which animals come out at night when we are all fast asleep? Meet some nocturnal animals by using hand puppets and objects from the handling collection.

Barn owl puppet

The Boastful Lion

Using ink pads and printing blocks from the museum handling collection, create the story of the boastful lion as it is being told.

Lion puppet

Teddy’s Holiday Story

Help Teddy tell the story of his holiday, where has he been, what did he do? Compare old and new holiday objects including an old box brownie camera and an Edwardian photo album.

Old teddy bear

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