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Warwickshire Heritage Learning is now LIVE!

New Workshops, Branding and Classrooms for Warwickshire Museum Education Service

The Heritage and Culture Warwickshire education team are excited to launch their new and redeveloped workshops, classrooms spaces at St John’s House and loan boxes along with a launch of a new name ‘Warwickshire Heritage Learning’.

Schools can experience a brand new way of learning with a range of immersive and creative workshops that will inspire students and bring the past to life! The subscription loan box service, combines real museum objects and virtual learning workshops, making classrooms part of Warwickshire Museum and the children curators of the museum.

Rebecca Coles Senior Learning and Community Engagement Officer said ‘Our workshops inspire curiosity, encourage the creative learner, foster enquiry-led learning and create a love and appreciation of heritage. We use local history to engage children in national and international histories, drawing on the collections of the Warwickshire Museum and Warwickshire County Record Office.’

Along with the new drama-based workshops, schools will enjoy their school trips in some new spaces at St John’s House, Warwick. The first floor has been redeveloped into fantastic learning spaces, with digital resources, along with two dedicated lunch rooms.

For more information visit Warwickshire Heritage Learning

Published: 6th December 2022

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