Access to information

Accessing information

At Warwickshire County Record Office we hold many records which are not available for general access due to various pieces of statutory legislation covering access to records that contain personal or sensitive information such as hospital records, school records, court records and others.

Some of our records are not normally open for public inspection, mostly due to the fact that they contain other people’s personal data. In some limited circumstances, it may be possible to access these records providing you agree to our conditions of access. This is because there is some provision in data protection legislation for information to be used for research, statistical or historical purposes. Our Access to personal data form (PDF, 138KB) must be completed.

  • Data Protection Act (DPA)

    Under the DPA you have a right to request personal information held about you, and these are often referred to as Subject Access Requests.

  • Freedom of Information Act

    The Freedom of Information Act (FOI) gives everyone an opportunity to find out what publicly funded bodies do, and how they do it.