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Ancient Romans - Warwickshire Heritage Learning

Workshop title

Ancient Romans

Key stage 2
Delivered at

St John's House Museum, Warwick.

Duration 3 hours, from 10.15am - 2.15pm
Curriculum topics

History, English, Citizenship

Main focus

Resistance, legacy, identity

Workshop outline

This exciting story world adventure takes the children through a portal to a Roman settlement, found on the site of an archaeological dig, whilst searching to retrieve an item accidentally left by a curious archaeologist.

The children find themselves caught up in the tensions between Boudica and the Roman legions. They will be asked to decide if they want to support Boudica or the Roman way of life. This workshop includes many activities that allow students to handle original Roman objects and engage in activities in role as a team of archaeologists.

The historical concept of continuity and change run throughout this workshop. Children will use a range of historical sources to learn about the Ancient Romans.

Key skills covered

How will this benefit your class?

  • We will inspire curiosity, encourage the creative learner, foster enquiry led learning, create a love and appreciation of heritage, enable critical thinking and support decision making.

How does this support your teaching?

History key skills and understanding:

  • the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain
  • know and understand the history of Britain
  • know and understand how Britain has been influenced by the wider world
  • understanding of historical concepts such as continuity and change
  • understanding of the methods of historical enquiry
  • understanding of how our knowledge of the past comes from a range of sources.

English key skills and understanding:

  • participate in discussions presentations, performances, role play, improvisations and debates
  • discussing word meanings, linking new meanings to those already known.

Citizenship key skills and understanding:

  • to talk and write about their opinions, and explain their views, on issues that affect themselves and society
  • to resolve differences by looking at alternatives making decisions and explaining choices
  • to think about the lives of people living in other places and times
  • that differences between people arise from a number of factors.
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