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Rocks and Fossils at Cross Hands Quarry - Warwickshire Heritage Learning

Workshop title

Rocks and fossils at Cross Hands Quarry

Key stage 2
Delivered at

Cross Hands Quarry

Duration 4 hours
Curriculum topics

Science, Geography

Main focus

Fieldwork, similarities and difference, working scientifically.


Workshop outline

Discover a Jurassic landscape rich in fossils from 160 million years ago. Jurassic Warwickshire was covered by a shallow sea, so we can’t promise dinosaurs but can guarantee that everyone will find at least one fossil to keep. Learn how fossils were made before going hunting for fossils in a safe area.

Any fossils found can be taken back to school for sorting, classification and further study. Some schools have found unique specimens when visiting this site. Visit a site of Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) perfectly demonstrating the underlying structure of the area and the effects of geological forces. The Jurassic seabed layer where the fossils come from can be clearly seen here, underneath other layers of rock.

We provide all the equipment needed for the workshop, including sample specimens to help students identify their own finds. All groups visiting the quarry must arrange personal accident insurance. Due to seasonal risk of inclement weather and the exposed nature of the site we advise this workshop is booked for the summer term.

Key skills covered

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Science key skills and understanding

Explore how fossils are formed.

Recognise that living things have changed over time and that fossils provide information about living things that inhabited the Earth millions of years ago.

Using different types of scientific enquiry.

Geography key skills and understanding

Understand the processes that give rise to geographical features.

Use fieldwork to observe, measure and record.

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